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                                                                                            IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS:   

Due to Major construction and long term renovation at NY  LGA airport, please keep in mind that pick up and drop off will be extremely inconvenient.

The port authority has designated 2 waiting areas (B and D) for drivers and passengers to meet each other since there is limited access to the terminal area

Kindly keep in touch and co-ordinate with dispatcher and your driver to determine the most convenient spot to meet your driver. Your co-operation in this matter will be most appreciated. 



Online Booking
     Online reservations require 24 hours advanced notice for processing. However for shorter notices please call ( 201) 906 4419 to make sure your car is available for the time you need. Once you have verbal confirmation from the reservation agent, you can be certain that your car will be there at the time you requested.

   The reference number you receive is for future references such as checking the status of your reservation, payment history or paying your bills, chasing your car etc...

Waiting Time
There is a 10 minutes grace period at no charge at the original pick up. After that the waiting time will be calculated as follows: $50.00 per hour, $25.00 for half hour, $12.50.00 Per 15 Minutes and so on...



Waiting Time at The Airport
Grace Waiting time at the airports is 30 minutes and will start from the the actual landing time.

In order to avoid unnecessary waiting time charges, our dispatcher will check the status of your flight online, or by contacting the airline  approximately 60 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time then will dispatch the car accordingly.

More About Waiting Time
At the original pick up points,our policy does not allow the driver to wait more than 30 minutes . However, If you need more time to get ready and show up, please call the dispatcher or driver and let him/her know about your situation so he/she can have the car wait for you as long as you guarantee.

You can keep the car waiting at the stops rather than the original pick up point as well as the stops on your way to destination and as long as you need to. Simply inform the driver about your approximate return time so he will be prepared to expect you around that time in case he needs to leave that spot because of the traffic situations.

Also it is always a good idea if you can keep in touch with the dispatcher in case of any changes to your schedule.


Additional Stops
Additional stops along the way to the destination begin at $5.00 and range to the full price depending on the distance.

As a courteousy, we do not charge you for quick stops on the way such as buying a newspaper or cigarettes, dropping mail in the mailbox etc... All short stops on the way under 5 minutes will be at no charge.

Additional Charges/Surcharges
All prices are subject to change without notice. The fares shown here are the base fares for regular sedan cars only.

For SUV cars add $20.00 to the sedan fare.

Additional charges such as waiting time, additional stops,taxes, tolls, airport parking and gratuities may apply.

For pick ups made between 1.00 AM to 5.00 AM there is an additional $10.00 overnight surcharge.

Round trip services  if out of town will be full price for one way and half price for return plus waiting time. (15 Minutes will be grace after that chargeable) 

Due to the difficulty and time consuming situations at the following locations, pick ups and drop offs require $10.00 additional fee:

- Any Theater in NYC between 6.00 PM to 11.30 PM.
- Yankee Stadium
- Metlife (Giants) Stadium
- City field ( Shea Stadium )
- US Open

Randalls Island, Wards Island, Ichon stadium
- PNC bank Art center

- Barkley center, Brooklyn
- Madison square garden and any other concert halls (during the concert and events only)
- At all Passenger Cruise ship terminals

-Lincoln center


Late Cancellations and No Shows
We understand that your schedule may change due to unexpected factors.

Therefore, we try to accommodate your needs as much as possible regarding cancellation fees.

Sometimes we find it necessary to charge last minute cancellation fees because of the short notice, late cancellations or No shows that happen without prior notice. In order to avoid these fees, simply advise the dispatcher as soon as you learn about your schedule change

Special Requests
Please let the reservationist know ( or mention on the special request form) if you have special requests for your pick up such as Wheelchair, Skis, Baby car seat or oversize luggage.

Package deliveries will be same price as the trip price-plus the parking fee if applicable

Other Related Charges
- Unpaid invoices more than 45 days of due date are subject to late fee of 2% of the total past due amount. -

Our computer system is programmed to electronically process your checks and withdraw from your bank account at the time we receive your checks, so, please make sure that you have sufficient funds at the time you issue your checks.

- If your check is not honored by the bank for any reason, there will be a $35.00 returned check fee.
- Wishing you have so many pleasant rides with us.


Road Star Limo team