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Help hints for new customers

The following information can help you find the answers to your questions
If you still can't find the answer to your questions, Or you have any trouble booking online:
contact the help desk by calling ( 201) 906 4419

To quickly book your car online without registering or logging in or filing a profile, just click on the Quick reservations on the top right corner of any page, A form field appears, fill out the form and click on the Add reservation button, then write down your reference number for future use. If you need help making reservation call (201) 906 4419


To register and/or log in to your account: Go to any page, click on the log in or register tab on the top right corner and follow the following steps:

- First choose a user name and password if is your first time. Then input your user name and password in the designated fields along with your email address.
- You will be notified about your log in information through Email.
- Remember these information You will need them for future reservations.
- You can change your user name and/or passwords any time you want to.  
- User name or password can be letters or numbers or combination of both. The password must be 6 digits. If you forget any of these information just click on for got my password then follow the instructions or call (201) 906 4419
- Once you have logged in to your account , you will be able to:
book your car online
Check the status of your account
Or pay your bills online.

To book a car, please allow 24 hours or more for processing your request.
For shorter notices call the office to be certain that your requested car is available for the time you need.

- To pay your bill online:  Click on the online payment  tab or log in to your account. You will have options to see all your invoices, Make a reservation or pay full or portion of your balance. Click on the pay Tab . You will be directed to the payment page. Follow the on screen directions. Here you can pay all or  portion of your bill, you can pay by credit card, Paypal account, or your saved account.